There are specific protocols that we must follow in an emergency. Take choking for example, a particular procedure must be followed to save that person’s life.

When someone has a motor accident, these procedures should be followed by law: the exchange of insurance information and filing a police report.

Kids are taught fire drills in schools to prepare them in the event of a fire.

Even firefighters are trained so that they make it out of fires alive; they are instructed during their training to fight fire from outside otherwise, they may die! In simple terms: “Step side.”

Likewise, when you find yourself in the midst of problems, step aside and pray to God! Even if you have to deal with this situation the following day; otherwise you may mess up and make wrong decisions!

A an excellent tip for fighting your battles: Step aside, analyze the situation, and take it to the Lord in prayer! In this way, He will guide you in the right way to solve this problem. 

Once you learn this technique, you will never be destroyed by problems ever again!

May the God of the Bible bless you,

Bishop Bira Joshua