When we read the Bible from the Book of Genesis to Revelation, we find many promises. Promises for your love life, family, and health. But the greatest promise was and is when God promised to give His Spirit. Everybody wants and needs peace. I have even heard people say, I would give all that I have for a moment of peace. I would give all my riches just to have peace. I live in a beautiful house, drive the latest car, have a luxurious life. Maybe you say all that I want I can have, but I do not have peace.

When God chose Abraham the first command he gave him was to leave where he was.

As the scripture says:

Now the Lord had said to Abram:“Get out of your country. From your family And from your father’s house – Genesis 12:1

Well, God said get out of your country, the environment where you are, from your father’s house. Does God separate family? Isn’t God the creator of families. Yes, He is. But Abraham was living among pagans, among people that were not devoted to God. You know when you go with the flow, the flow will mislead you. Many people say I go with the flow, but the flow has led you to drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. The flow has led you to the wrong path, now look at how you are. But there is hope for you if you do what Abraham did.

And the Lord said: ‘Get out to a land that I will show you’. I will… means in the future. There goes the promise. If you obey. If you do what I said, I will make you a great nation. There was the promise. “I will bless you, I will make your name great and you shall be a blessing”. First He said. I will Bless you. That in itself would have been enough. But He also said ‘You shall be a blessing.

With the Holy Spirit you become the blessing itself, You do not receive just one blessing. God makes you to be the blessing itself. You won’t need to depend on drugs, parties, alcohol or anything else to feel happy. The Spirit of God, inside of you makes you to be THE blessing.

May the God of the Bible Bless you with His Promises

Bishop Bira Fonseca