When we read the Bible we have to understand that we are reading the mind of Christ. When you read, do not read as though you are reading any regular book. Reading it fast, in a hurry and like a storybook. Instead read calmly, pausing, thinking, taking from it the message that God wants to speak to you that day. For instance, It is even good to read the Bible early in the morning because you will be covered throughout your day.

We have seen many testimonies of healing, great financial blessings, family restorations and much more. But that is not the biggest blessing that God wants you to have.  All the physical blessings that you may have on this earth are merely results of your faith. When you get a job, good news, a healing, freedom from the law, freedom from prison etc. of course you become happy, you get excited. But remember this is just one, two or three blessings. But what God wants you to have is not just one, two or three blessings. He wants you to Become the Blessing.

For example, when you are hungry and you need food.  I’ll give you two options.

Option 1) I have a basket full of fish that you can take

Option 2) I have the net and the instructions, the teachings on how to fish for yourself

What would you prefer? What would you take? Which would you choose?

Of course, the smart choice is to take the net; because the fish will finish at some point. But the net will always be with you. To have the net means for you to be the Blessing. The fish is just something that you are going to eat at that moment and you are done. But after a while what is going to happen again? You will get hungry again. But with the net and the teachings, whenever you are hungry you can go and get the fish again for yourself.

Become the Blessing

May the God of the Bible, Bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca