Everybody wants to live the life that Jesus came to give. A life of abundance with the best paying job, to live in a luxurious house, to be promoted, to have the best and give the best to their family and children.

However many times the same people do not obey the voice of God. Many of them see the tithe as something created by man, or by the church as an institution. They don’t see it as something from God. That’s why many even say, “ I don’t give tithe to the church”.

Actually you are right! You should not give tithes to the church. But you should return to God what is His. The first fruits belong to God.
The Word of God says,

If you are willing and obedient,You shall eat the good of the land, (Isaiah 1:19)

Many people are not eating the good of the land. Just like with the Children of Israel… the Promised Land was there waiting for them, but they were in the wilderness because they rebelled. They would not submit to God, to the point that they even asked to go back to Egypt.

When you obey the voice of God and return to Him what is His, He takes you to the Promised Land. And this Promised Land is even better than the Paradise that God gave to Adam and Eve, because that one was physical, but the Promised Land now is spiritual, it’s the Kingdom of Heaven. But here on earth we have to obey, then He will give us life more abundantly and eternal life in Heaven.