Many people who call themselves Christian limit God by their unbelief. Everyone is quick to say “God is good, all the time”. But when they fall into the “pit” in life, they don’t believe that God can get them out of it.

 They pray to God for little blessings like a small increase of the salary, healing from a headache, peace in the family for a few days or a week, to help them meet someone to date, but when something big happens they become desperate and loss faith.

 How many people even give up on their faith, leave the presence of God and even take their own life because they did not see a way out of the pit. They feel so low or that they’ve lost so much that life is no longer worth living. See what the Lord says about when you are in the pit…

 “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear”
Isaiah 59:1

 You see my friend, no matter how deep the pit that you are in, God’s hand can reach you there and pull you out. But you have to manifest your faith. You have to reach for the one place that God is always looking… the Altar. When a person goes to the Altar with their biggest problems or greatest dreams, the God who is ALWAYS on the Altar (because the Altar represents God Himself) will quickly come and deliver them. But you have to reach for the Altar. You may be so far down, that no one else in the world can help you, but the moment you reach up by faith to the Altar and present give your whole life to Him, He will pull you out of the pit and bless you abundantly.

 Just like the old saying goes, “when you are at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to look but up”. Look up to Him now, reach out to Him, He is ready to take you out of the pit.

 May the God of the Bible Bless You

 Bp. Bira Fonseca