The most important thing that you can carry with you is not a beautiful song or even a great testimony, but the Word of God inside of you. Because His Word will sustain you no matter what you go through.

Many people rely on music, in the choir, on an emotional or beautiful sermon in order to “feel” that God is near to them or that He loves them. But what happens when the song or the beautiful message is finished? The problem is still there and you are still the same or even worst because now comes depression and frustration.

The problem of the weak person is not the weakness itself. The problem of the weak person is that they GIVE IN to the weakness. Everyone has weaknesses (humanly speaking), but the weakness can only dominate you or destroy you if you give in to it. That is why it is written:
“Let the weak say, I am strong” Joel 3:10
God is not saying that problems will not come and that nothing will ever happen to make you feel weak. He is saying you can NOT accept weakness, you must fight against it through faith.

So whenever a problem comes against you and it is making you feel weak and defeated, remember that you must not look at the size of the problem, but at the size of the God that we serve. Our God is greater and stronger than ANY problem or situation you faith.
Challenge this problem, through your faith, and God will help you to overcome it.

May the God of the Bible Bless You.

Bishop Bira Fonseca