Do you like to watch adventure movies? You know those movies were a group of friends are camped out in the forrest and someone accidentally falls into a pit, and only after some hours does the group realize that they are missing someone and goes back to search for that person?

You know that part of the movie when the person in the pit hears the voices of those from the group near the area of the pit? What does the person do? They normally scream out help!!! I am here!!! Can you hear me? And for sure the friends run to the aid of their friend in danger.

If we as human beings can answer the call of another human being and be ready to rescue them, how much more will God?

Look what the Word of God says;

I called on Your name, O Lord, From the lowest pit. You have heard my voice

(Lamentations 3:55-56)

Maybe you find yourself in your lowest pit. Actually you are still falling day by day and there is no friend or anybody to help you. But this is what I want to tell you today. You can cry out to God and He will take you out of this pit. 

The pit could be depression, sickness, financial problems, spiritual oppression, or any other thing that holds you down. 

No matter the pit you are facing right now, just do your part; call out to the Lord and have the assurance that He will hear you and come to your rescue!

May the God of the Bible bless you.                                                                                                                                    

Bishop Joshua Fonseca