Many people are not blessed because they give ears to what others have to say. Stop listening to others and begin giving ear only to the Word of God. Stop believing everything people tell you, believe only in the Word of God.

There was a man in the bible named Jairus whose daughter was sick. He went to where Jesus was and he asked Jesus to come to his house to heal his daughter because the girl was sick. But when he was on his way with Jesus, they said to Jairus “Your daughter is dead. Don’t trouble the teacher” Jesus heard this and answered saying,

 “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” Luke 8:50 

And the Lord Jesus says the same thing to you… Do not be afraid!

So when you go to the doctor, “Do not be afraid”. When you speak to the debt collector, “Do not be afraid”. When you go for an interview, “Do not be afraid”. When you go to court, “Do not be afraid”. When you see the police, “Do not be afraid”. Jesus is saying to you “Do not be afraid”.

Fear nothing and fear no one. Don’t give ear to what people say, block them out!

Believe in God, and also believe in yourself.

I say to you again…“Do not be afraid; only believe”

The bad remarks people say about you, about your previous failures, about your horrible past and your background cannot impact your present as long as you live by faith.

May the God of the Bible bless all of you!

Bishop Bira Fonseca