Imagine using a GPS device that never leads you astray and always guides you on the right path without any wrong turns whatsoever. That’s how perfect God’s plans are.

In life, mistakes are bound to happen, regardless of our age or experience. But here’s something truly extraordinary about God: His plans are flawless, just like a puzzle coming together seamlessly.

 Isaiah 43:13, God Said: “…I work, and who will reverse it?” 

So, my dear friend, when life becomes challenging and uncertainties arise, remember to trust God’s unwavering wisdom and hold fast to your faith.

God’s plans and blessings never waver, and no one can reverse or alter His divine handiwork.

So, take heart! Remember to hold onto your unshakable faith, knowing that God’s plans are like a blueprint exclusively designed for you.

May the God of the Bible bless you!

Bishop Bira Joshua