​If anyone told you that you would have no problems in life, they were most definitely living in a fairytale land. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will face problems – and big ones at that!

But the kind of problems I want to talk about today are the spiritual ones – the ones that don’t seem to have an explanationor solution and the ones that run from generation to generation. For example, you are fully qualified, but are never able to keep a job. Every female in your family falls victim to the same sickness. Addiction has gotten you caught up in a cycle that can’t be broken. You suffer with night terrors, insomnia or see and hear strange noises. 

Nowadays it is very common to find believers – people who are in church every week, suffering with these spiritual problems. Pastors, deacons and churchgoers are suffering with depression to the point of even committing suicide. Many churches don’t talk about evil spirits, witchcraft, jealously and so on; but spiritual attacks are real and those going through it can testify to this.

The Bible clearly promises that: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

However, you know the truth, you go to church – and I do respect your faith – but why isn’t the truth setting you free? Why does it feel as though there is a spiritual blockage that stands between you and your total freedom? How do you guarantee your spiritual freedom?

Just as oppression is real, deliverance is also real. You can be free. Deliverance is not just prayer – it’s the rebuking and casting out of all evil. Jesus cast out demons as a normal part of His work. However, He didn’t stop there. 

Think with me, once evil is cast out of your life, it leaves a gap. A gap that if left unattended, becomes a sitting target for evil to return. True deliverance is only complete when that space is filled with the Holy Spirit – if it’s left empty, then the demons will try to come back and that is how you get the generational curses, constant problems and unexplained issues that do not go away.

Take an honest look into your life. If you feel as though your faith isn’t working for you, you can’t understand why after spending so much time in church, the devil still seems to have a hold over a particular area of your life, then this is probably the solution that you need. Praying against evil works and is great, but you must do a complete job – seek the Holy Spirit, the guarantee of your spiritual freedom.

May the God of the Bible bless you.

Bishop Joshua Fonseca