Imagine that you are going to buy fruit. Indeed you will spend time looking for the best one until you finally find it. It looks tasty and attractive to the eye, but when you bite into it, you find it full of worms. What a disappointment!

This is how an insincere person is! On the outside, they appear to be a faithful church member, with beautiful words and know how to make beautiful prayers, but when God looks inside that person, He does not find a sincere heart.

The Bible says: “Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Ephesians 6:24

God doesn’t look for skillful people, but He does look for sincerity.

Take prison for example… there are many sincere people behind bars. Yet there are others who grew up in church and never did a crime a day in their life, but their biggest crime before God is insincerity. 

God’s eyes look beyond the appearance, He looks within the person.

If you recognize that you have been insincere with God, there is a solution. With a sincere prayer, the Lord will come to you to change you from the inside – out.

May the God of the Bible bless you!

Bishop Bira Joshua