Your problem is not what you see, it’s what you cannot see. What do you see when you open the drawer? A lot of unpaid bills. What about when you open the fridge? You see an empty fridge. You see the closet full of old clothes. You see a drunk husband, a nervous and frustrated wife, rebellious children. You see problems, problems, and more problems.

And what you hear is the same… more bad news, setbacks, troubles. But all these things are not the problem. The problem is what is hidden.

His roots are dried out below, and his branch withers above
Job 18:16

What does this mean? When you see a tree withered and the leaves falling, never say “this tree has a problem”. Though it’s dry, the leaves are falling, and it doesn’t bear fruit, etc. Always remember, the problem is not the tree itself or the leaves, but instead the roots that are underground. If the root dries and dies then the tree withers. 

Spiritually speaking it’s the same thing. All the problems that you see outwardly are not the biggest problem, but what you cannot see and what is hidden is the problem. If the tree is alive, the leaves are green and bring forth fruit, no one remembers the roots. But the roots are their bearing and giving life to that tree. But when the roots are dried and dead, the tree dies as well. 

Your life may be dry and bearing only rotten fruits. Maybe you are withered or withering day by day in your finances, your family, your love life and so forth. But why? Because what is hidden that you do not see, which are evil spirits; they are the ones that make your life like that. So don’t fight physically against your wife, your husband, your children, co workers, neighbors and others. Instead, fight spiritually. Get to the root of the problem so that you can find a true solution. 

May the God of the Bible Bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca