If I dressed up in a police uniform and purchased a gun and even managed to get a badge somehow… would that mean that I was a police officer? Not at all. Would that mean that I had the right to arrest someone? No it would not. Would that mean that I could enter the secret parts of the police station or court house? Only if I wanted to get arrested by real police officers! The point is, just because I walk, talk, dress or act like a police officer, doesn’t mean I am a police officer. Nor does it mean that I have the rights of a police officer. 

To be a police officer, I would have to be trained, approved and certified. And until that happened, no matter how much I wanted to be one, or appeared to be one, I would have no authority to act as one. 

This is the case of many Christians. They were taught growing up that as soon as they “accepted” Jesus into their heart or were baptized in water, then they received the Holy Spirit and were born of God. But that couldn’t be further from the true. If you don’t have the character or behavior of God, then you do not have His Spirit inside of you. If your life is totally defeated, then you do not have His Spirit in you. Or do you believe that the Spirit of God can be defeated by the problems of this world? 

I have question for you. Do you have the Holy Spirit (or as they say, the Holy Ghost)? If you say yes, then I presume you live a good life. You have peace inside of you… you sleep good… etc. But if you say, “no, I don’t sleep well. I have spiritual attacks. I am constantly tormented.” I’m sorry, but I must be honest with you. You don’t have the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, 

“You will know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16

And this is the only way to truly identify someone with the Holy Spirit. They have His fruit inside of them. And this fruit shines through for all to see. Even without them forcing it. 

I advise you to seek to be truly baptized in the Holy Spirit, by doing what pleases God, and seeking Him wholeheartedly. He desires to enter inside of you. He just needs to find you thirsty and willing to give in to His will and desire for your life. 

May the God of the Bible bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca