Would you go into business with a partner that is a known thief? Would you loan money to someone who has never paid anyone back? Would you leave the keys of your house or car with someone that has destroyed many other people’s property? I’m sure that the answers to these questions is no, no and no. 

Now how do you think God feels? He gives us the sun, oxygen, the trees, our bodies, and not only that; He gives opportunities, skills, talents, etc, for us to produce wealth. The only thing He asks back in return is for us to not forget about Him. He wants us to recognize Him first and foremost before anyone else. 

That’s what tithe is. Tithe is not money. Tithe is not a debt. Tithe is honor, faithfulness and recognition that everything you have or achieve comes from God. If tithe were money, then those in the past could never tithe, because money was not their currency. Still today, I have seen and been to many countries where they are so poor that their tithe is fruits, eggs, wheat, etc. But in most of our lives, we survive off of currency… monetary currency… but it is about faithfulness. 

God gives us 90% of all we earn to use for ourselves, He simply asks us for 10%. Now if you look at that math, who is being fair? Him of course! But many people see it as a burden. My friend, start to see tithe as what it is… an opportunity to honor God, and you will start to see the benefits of the blessings that come from tithing. 

That’s why in the Universal Church, we hold the Feast of the Firstfruits each month, which is a special prayer for the tither. If you believe in the promise, and recognize that God is just and fair and will not allow you to lack, then present your tithe to Him and receive His blessing. 

May the God of the Bible Bless You

Bishop Bira Fonseca