I’m passing by today to talk about friendship. Certainly, you have somebody that you consider a friend, be it a neighbor, a colleague from work, from school, etc. But, how much can you trust that person?

You know that most of today’s enemies were once friends. And why did they stop being friends? Because they were envious, malicious, and even vindictive, and for that reason, they betrayed that friend and broke that bond of friendship.

But just like you and me, these people went on with their lives and made new friends.

So, we came to the conclusion that friendship is something that deceives. The Lord Jesus Himself went through this with one of his friends. He was one of the twelve disciples, he was with Him from house to house, day and night, wherever the Lord Jesus was. I’m talking about Judas Iscariot. Everyone knows that Judas was the traitor. But before he became a traitor, Judas was His friend. But even though he was a friend of Jesus, he betrayed Him.

The disadvantage for us is that we do not know what is inside of each one, but the Lord Jesus did. For that reason, we must watch at all times, even that person you say: “No, no; he would never do such a thing. He would never stab me in the back. ” I want to tell you that this is where it comes from.

Therefore (again) let us follow the Words of the Lord Jesus:

“Watch and pray…”

(Matthew 26:41 – NKJV)

He did not say pray and watch, but watch and pray. Even if you pray a lot, you have to watch first. Of course, we will not be suspicious of everyone, otherwise we will become an island, isolated and alone.

Let’s have friends, yes, however, know that the only friend who will never betray or disappoint you is the Lord Jesus.

May the God of the Bible bless you.

Bishop Joshua Fonseca