Think back to the days before you knew Jesus. Think back to the mischievous situations you found yourself in and the crazy things you would do to escape them.

Come on, don’t pretend that you were born a ‘saint’. We all did crazy things in the world; we’ve all had skeletons in the closet. But that’s not the point I’m heading towards.

What I want you to remember is the determination you had back then; the boldness you had to take steps towards achieving what you wanted.

Remember how you felt when somebody tried to stand in your way? The way that it only pushed you to work harder in achieving your goals?

Fast forwarding to nowadays.

How many times have you faced an obstacle and instead of fighting to overcome it, you decided that, ‘perhaps it’s not God’s will’, or if reaching your goal takes longer than expected, you simply give up and search for something ‘easier’ to attain?

What has changed? Shouldn’t you now be much bolder and more courageous, knowing that the God of the Bible is fighting your corner?

Now that you are in the faith don’t calm down – don’t become weak with the things of God. You need put your back into it and go even harder!

Put more strength in what you do.

Don’t cry before problems.

Don’t look down on yourself.

Don’t make yourself to be irrelevant.

“Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.” (Psalm 2:12)

If you believe in this Word, then put it into practice. Resurrect that boldness you once had and put it to good use, trusting that God will make things happen. God has never lost a battle. He never disappoints and He wants to do amazing things in your life.

May the God of the Bible bless you.

Bishop Joshua Fonseca