I suffered with many sicknesses including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, arthritis and back issues. It was extremely difficult to eat and to sleep at night.  To top it off, when I thought I’d reached the end of my problems, I found out that I had even more sicknesses! I had developed Gastroesophageal reflux disease and it affected my breathing. I felt like my insides were on fire!

I tried several medicines and watched many religious programs to no avail. Until one day, I saw a program that was No Ordinary Program!  

I heard about and saw the Power of God, based on the Word of God. I reached out for help and was challenged to act my faith in order to see the total transformation of my situation. This was very different for me because I was used to the preaching at my old church being like a pep rally, but this was different. I accepted the challenge and it changed my life. 

I used the Spiritual Treatment Water and started to see the results. It made all the difference in the world. Now I am able to eat and sleep; my blood pressure is normal, and I don’t have depression. It’s so great to see how God has blessed and healed me! 

Sunday October 11th at 10am