Would it be fair, if a man is very rich, but his son is sleeping under a bridge? How could you explain that and make sense of it? It’s impossible! You would say that either that man is very cruel, or he could not possibly know the situation that the son is in. But you would surely say that something is wrong. Very wrong! 

The same applies to the life of those who are in misery. If God is powerful, and great as we believe, then how can His children suffer so much? It doesn’t make sense. 

Is there any unrighteousness in God? Many say I am living in suffering and shame because this is the will of God. Others even say, “God is testing me”.

But you need to understand that your problems do not come from God, because God can not deny Himself, and God is not unfair. As it is written in the Word of God;

What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not! Romans 9:14

There is no unrighteousness or injustice in God. The enemy brings problems to you and makes you think that it’s from God. The enemy wants you to think that God doesn’t care for you. 

But God is a righteous God and He wants you to have a blessed life that glorifies His name. Now you have to cry out for justice. You have to claim the rights that the Almighty God is giving you. The right to be blessed, happy and fulfilled. That’s the life that He wants for you. And that’s the life that we will fight for on September 15th in every Universal Church. 

May the God of the Bible bless you

Bishop Bira Fonseca