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The Difference Between the Humble and the Pretender

The pretender is disguised. He disguises himself as humble to take advantage of a situation or to promote himself, and then he shows his teeth. The humble is sincere through thick and thin. There is no need to show or say that he is humble. It shows through his actions. May the God of the Bible bless you. Bishop Joshua...

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“I’ve come to the realization that my life has been up and down like a roller coaster: sometimes I feel like I am on top of the world, conquering everything I put my mind to, then before the blink of an eye, I begin feeling depressed and fail at everything… friends, job opportunities, paying my bills, and have started feeling sick out of nowhere.” Does this describe your life? A life like a Rollercoaster. Don’t believe in the lie that says: “Life is like a rollercoaster; you just have to ride it out.” Don’t accept to live like this...

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Some things cannot wait. It’s clear if you just take a hard look at your life. Just think about it… aren’t there things happening in your life that need to change immediately? Sure there are problems that although you are not happy with them, you can honestly wait a little longer for them to be solved. But there are other problems that need immediate attention, and if you don’t solve them soon (now), tomorrow could be too late.  Look at this example in the Bible; And when He came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man...

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Scars of the Past

You’ve had an unfair life. Your suffering began before you were even born. The anger inside of you is because of all you’ve been through. Scars of the past are holding you back from even believing in a better future. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve spoken to who are being held back by their past. Who, because of terrible experiences, feels as though they just have to play with the cards they have been dealt, and that there’s nothing they can do to change things. Do you feel like it is impossible to move forward...

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