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The Letter

A famous American writer once said, “Always live your life with your biography in mind.”  Biographies can be a tricky thing – especially since it is your life story written by someone else. It’s their opinion, what they witnessed from you, and the impression you left with them. Depending on how you lived, your biography could either inspire and motivate the reader, or leave a sad impression of you. The Apostle Paul had this very experience. He had the task of writing about a whole city – and not just any city! He started his ministry in Corinth. Corinthians were known...

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The Storm

There are many different types of storms:  • Blizzards  • Hail  • Heavy rain  • Ice storms  • Lightning  • Thunderstorms  • Wind No matter the type of storm, we all know that a storm is violent, many times accompanied by thunder, and disturbs everything and everyone. It can also cause major damage. Storms in life do the same thing. What area of your life is out of place? What storms are you facing right now? Is it your financial life? For example, you live from paycheck to paycheck? Is it your health? Your doctors cannot solve your problems....

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God Is Not a God of Confusion

“Oh God, why did you have to take my son so soon?”  “Jesus, tell me why everything in my marriage is going wrong?”  “It’s not fair God, how did I end up in this hospital / prison / financial mess …………………?” (You can fill out the blank) There are things you experience in life that leave you confused; you just don’t understand why. You try to figure out how everything ended up so pear-shaped and you get frustrated at the lack of answers. How many times have you asked God questions similar to those above? How many times has...

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Keep the Peace

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.(Romans 12:18) If possible, have peace with everyone. What it means to say is that it’s not an easy task. That’s why the word (IF) comes first. If it was so easy, it would be written, “HAVE PEACE WITH EVERYONE.” However, as much as it depends on you, you should do your part to have peace with everyone (regardless of who he or she is). May the God of the Bible bless you. Bishop Joshua...

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