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Make It Known

It is the duty of every mother to find out the need of her young child’s cry. Because of the age and size of the young child, the only way to communicate is by crying;  For example, when a baby is hungry, what do they do? Cry! If the child is hot, what do they do? They cry. If the child is wet, what do they do? Cry! When the child wants to sleep, they cry. And the list goes on and on.  In other words, they let it be known that something is wrong. There was a man...

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Do as He Did

“Do as I say, not as I do!” This cliché is infamous with many being taught from childhood – we have parents constantly saying it as they correct their child’s (learned) behavior. In other words, ‘Never mind the fact that you can clearly see I am doing wrong; ignore my actions and just obey what my lips are saying!’ Back in the day, this special class of people would really irritate Jesus. They were usually the well-studied individuals who carried positions in their religion. Jesus was ruthless in the way He corrected them, because the way they behaved was...

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Little Jonny wanted to have his favorite snack on his trip to the supermarket but to his surprise his mom told him “no, not at this time”! That was when he threw himself down on the ground and started to kick and scream; I want my snack, it’s my favorite, you told me when we go grocery shopping you would get it for me!!! Because of the embarrassment his mother couldn’t help but get it for him because she wanted him to stop screaming! Are your frustrated about the things that are missing in your life? Maybe when people...

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Always Second-Guessing Yourself?

This post is not about bashing women, but let’s be honest, you do have a history of changing your mind over and over again. Want proof? Remember that special event you were invited to? Remember all the outfits spread out over your bed after you tried on and changed your outfit about 100 times? Remember pre-COVID when you couldn’t decide what to pick from the menu at the restaurant you visited? Do you remember all those, ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?’ questions that you asked and continue to ask daily? Doubting your decisions, because you don’t want to make the...

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