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Look at Your Reactions

When you win a race, or get an award at work, or get promoted… how do you react to the news? If you are told that you inherited a large amount of money or that you are going to receive a luxury property, there is no doubt you and anyone else would react with excitement. But what about when you get bad news? When you get the news that you are fired. When you get the news that you have to pay a large amount of money. When you get the news that you will not be called back for the second interview. Or even when you get bad news from the doctor. How is your reaction to bad news or negative events? If you want to know yourself, you simply need to look at your reactions. The way you react or deal with problems, shows what is inside of you. That’s one of the ways to know if someone has the Holy Spirit or not. It’s like the Word of God says, “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16) There is no way to deny fruit. If you see an apple tree full of fruit, you will certainly not call it an orange tree. Because you know the difference between an apple and an orange. In the same way, there is no way to deny the...

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I Thought!

I met a lady one day that came to the church after listening to a message about the Holy Spirit. There was something very unique about this lady, because she was very sincere. She came to say thank you, because she thought she had the Holy Spirit, but when she heard the message about the tree and the fruit she came here to say that throughout her life she had been deceived. She said she thought she had the Holy Ghost, but after listening to the message she started to compare her life with the message and realized that she could not possible have the Holy Spirit and her life be the way it was. In that moment she had depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and many other issues, but she was told that she had the Holy Spirit. Look what the Word of God says; A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. (Matthew 7:18) After reading this verse, compare your life with these words and by the fruits of your life and you can tell whether you have the Holy Spirit or not. This is a moment of decision. After a close examination of your life what did you conclude? Remember the important point is to be sincere. There comes a time when everyone has to make a decision. Maybe you...

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Your New Story

Is it possible for a grown man or woman who is full of regret, bad memories and a painful past, to start all over again as if it were their day one? Is it possible for someone whose mind is full of problems, doubts and fear to be reversed into a strong mind, full of faith again? Humanly speaking, people do not simply ‘forget’ the past, especially when it has to do with negative and painful memories. Many people hold onto the past mistakes and regrets for years and years. Only through a conscious decision to leave the past...

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Rich Man vs. Poor Man

Imagine this, you have two men that died. One man was poor (but I mean very poor). So poor that he could barely buy a half a loaf of bread. The other man was very rich. He was so rich that he could buy a whole bakery.Both of the men died. And when it came time for the funeral, the rich mans was very very luxurious with all of the best decorations. The poor mans was so simple and it had nothing extravagant about it. My question is, will God save the rich man because he had a fancy...

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