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Forbidden Fruit

Actions have consequences – one of the first life lessons that children learn in school. Our actions affect ourselves and even those around us and we have to take responsibility for this. Everything we do, say and even think has a consequence. Like it or not, there is always a price to be paid. Good or bad. But this isn’t only the law of the land, it’s also the law of God. Remember Adam and Eve in the garden? Remember Esau, Jacob and the plate of lentils? Their experiences have taught us a great lesson in actions and consequences....

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Could’ve. Should’ve. Would’ve.

The worst thing a person can do, is to live in the past. Unless you are drawing lessons from your experience, it is time to move forward. The relationship has long finished and yet you spend hours every day reminiscing on what could have been.  You were too shy to speak up during the interview and now you regret not saying what you should have said.  Your family is scattered, kids are running wild and you can’t help but wonder where you went wrong, what you would have done given another chance. If you want to irritate God, then spend time...

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Are You Determined to Fail?

Do you know that science says our brain is naturally wired to be pessimistic? That if we don’t train ourselves otherwise, we will automatically hear, see and think the worst in everyone and everything. We all know that one person who finds a problem for every solution. They have an attitude of: ‘if it can go wrong, then it will’. And trying to convince them to live out their dreams is a waste of time – why bother making plans if they are likely to fail? This kind of person is usually a loner; people find it hard to be with them, because they don’t...

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Is God Done With You?

When you do something wrong, you feel guilty and remorseful. You often try to correct that wrong and usually vow to never make that same mistake again. Shame however, is different. Shame has to do with disliking yourself. You feel inferior and inadequate. These feelings are dangerous because they are not directed towards a wrong deed, but towards yourself. Because of shame, many have cut off relationships, turned to harmful vices, such as addiction, isolated themselves in disgust and even turned to self-harm.  Shame usually comes as a result of failure, or especially when your circumstances are not favorable. And for Christians in particular, it is bad because you know and...

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