Author: Bishop Joshua

Oh, the Lies We Tell Ourselves!

“Do I look fat in this?” “If I sleep for an extra 30 minutes, will I still make it on time?” “Do you think this relationship has a future?” Asking questions that you already know the answer to, is not only pointless, but is often done in order to make yourself feel better for diverting from a goal or when you are avoiding certaindecisions. Many of those questions are harmless and have little to no effect on your life. I mean, convincing yourself that you haven’t grown out of that outfit in your closet, will not make or break you, however, when you try to lie to yourself about the bigger issues in...

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He Will Not Forget You

How many times have you heard someone say, “Don’t forget about me”? Even when a person is leaving their home town and moving somewhere far from home for a better life, family or friends will say, “Don’t forget me.” Or maybe it’s that young man leaving his community to pursue his career in basketball or football, and his friends, while saying their goodbyes, add in a “Don’t forget me, ok.” One thing that you will never see is someone telling a rival, “Don’t forget me.” On the contrary, they want to be forgotten by them. When someone says that...

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Fearing for the Future of a Loved One?

It’s easy to judge the drug addicts you see on the streets; to shake your head and blame them for all the ills of this world.But what happens when the named addict is your own family member – your flesh and blood who after a series of wrong decisions has gotten caught up in a life of addiction and crime? Judgement turns to pain. Addiction and the lifestyle that comes with it can easily take its toll on all family members. Not knowing if that person will come home, having to keep an eye on your valuables in casethey get stolen, and feeling rejected and replaced by a substance,is no...

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The Difference Between Trust and Faith

Many people confuse the two and treat them with the same meaning. But faith and trust are two different words when it comes to action, but they work together. Faith is the starting point, and trust is the continuation (like the point that starts and continues as a line) Take, for example, someone that says they have faith in you. But when it comes to showing trust with something very important, they don’t. They could have faith in you, that you will do one thing well, but that doesn’t mean they trust you with something bigger.  Another example is...

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