There are certain things in life that require more of your respect, value, and attention. If you are going food shopping, for instance, this doesn’t require you to value and respect the doors you are walking into. You simply walk into the food market, buy what you need and leave. You can have your children playing down the aisles, you can talk on the phone, take pictures of items you are interested in and so on. When a person is sick the place they are taken to is the hospital. You don’t need to respect the doors that you are walking into, you simply walk in for your appointment or with your emergency. You are attended and your illness is treated.

But for example, when a person has trouble with the law and are taken to court or prison, they have no choice but to respect that place, because if they don’t then there will be consequences or they will not get their case heard. Nevertheless, even those places are not necessarily valued. 

For the House of God it is very different! When you enter the House of God it is not like you are entering an ordinary room or an ordinary building. You need to understand that you are walking a place that is Holy and has the solution to your problems. The Owner of this house has everything you need. 

“My house shall be called a house of prayer,”Matthew 21:13

God’s House is not used for parties, as a flea market, or anything of that sort. It is to be treated with respect and looked at as a place of answers. When you come into the House of God, you come to pray, to speak to God and to get the solutions to all of your problems. So do just that! 

May the God of the Bible Bless all of you!

Bishop Bira Fonseca