In Luke 15, the Lord Jesus shows 3 types of lost and their origins.

The first is the lost sheep- a sheep is an irrational animal that for lack of thinking can get torn apart. There are many people who live off the emotions of the heart, and do not use their head, and, therefore, end up being ripped from the “herd”. However, they can be found by the pastor.

The lost coin- the coin was lost by carelessness. There are people who still drink milk and cannot take solid food, so they got lost in the house. But this coin will be found sooner or later.

The prodigal son- he went to the mud to eat with the pigs by his own choice. There are people who, although they were warned by the Father, did not want to listen and, being deluded by the material conquests, go in search of the pleasures of the world.

For the prodigal children, there is only one way: repentance (sincere), and a decision to return to the Father’s house. What all this means is that the sheep can be rescued, the coin can be found, but for those who left the house by their own choice, only they themselves can change this situation.