There are people that go from wedding to wedding but they never have a wedding of their own. In the same way, there are people that go to parties to celebrate with others, yet they have nothing of their own to celebrate. Even inside of churches there are people that are always clapping their hands to other peoples testimonies, but never having anything to testify of for themselves.

God wants us to glorify Him through a life of results. And not only financial or material results, but also spiritual. How great it is to see someone’s life truly transform. A person that was a thief, a liar, prostitute, drug dealer, or whatever they may have been. When you see them transformed and showing the Character of God, it shows you that He is truly alive.

One day Elijah called everyone to Mount Carmel and made a challenge. He said,

“…and the God who answers by fire, He is God.” 1 Kings 18:24

What did he mean, the God who answers by fire? He meant the God that shows power. The God that shows results. The only one who can send the fire to change and transform is God. Does Satan send fire, yes he does, he sends fire to destroy people’s life. But God is the one that sends the fire to transform.

The fire of God comes down for two reasons;
1) to transform you inside. Talking about you being baptized with the Holy Spirit.
2) to transform you on the outside in your physical life.

For those that obey, the fire of God HAS to come down, there is no doubt, there is no maybe. It’s like the colors black and white, there is no way to confuse them. Black is clearly black and white is clearly white. The same applies to darkness and light, water and fire. With all these things there is a clear difference. In the same way there must be a clear difference between you and your co-workers, between you and your neighbors, even between you and your siblings.

The only way that God can truly change your life and answer you by fire is not just to say to Him, “God answer me by fire, I want to see your fire inside of me!”. But there must be more than just prayer. Action speaks louder than words. The one that wants God’s all, must be prepared to give his all.

May the God of the Bible Bless You!

Bishop Bira Fonseca