When you receive a letter in the mail that is not meant for you, what do you do? Before you answer, let me ask you another question. Imagine if it was not just any letter, but a letter threatening to take the house away, or repossess the car you drive, or garnish your wages, etc. But the only thing is, it is not addressed to you, it is to someone else. Once you know that they have no right to send you that letter… what will you do? Either destroy it, or return it to the sender. You return it to the sender, because it is not yours. 

The same is what has to happen when the devil sends his threats. You can not accept the threats as if they were meant for you and will affect you. All the threats he sends, must be returned to sender. The Bible says; 

‘By the way that he came, By the same shall he return; And he shall not come into this city,’ Says the Lord. 2 Kings 19:33 

The city is your life. And the financial problems, the sickness, the broken marriage, the addiction, the depression, the hopelessness, must all be “returned to sender”. 

This happens through revolt against the problems and refusal to accept that the plans of the devil for your life, have to come to pass. They do not, and should not, but it’s up to you to use your faith and return the threats to the sender, by your actions on the Altar. 

May the God of the Bible Bless You 

Bishop Bira Fonseca