Any farmer knows and can tell you that if you want to reap a harvest, the seed must be planted into the ground and die. Only then can it grow and bear fruit. If a grain doesn’t fall into the ground (if it is not planted), it remains that lonely seed. However, if the seed is planted into the ground, it dies, but it produces new fruits and of course with that comes new seeds. That’s the process of farming and that’s the process of life. 

How can the Lord God give you a new life if you don’t want to give up your old life? It doesn’t make sense. It’s like a man that wants to be married, he wants to have a wife, but he doesn’t want to sacrifice his single life. He’s a womanizer, into parties, sleeps around, etc. He wants a new life but yet he doesn’t want to get rid of his old life.

It’s unacceptable, there is no deal as far as God is concerned!

God will never accept that.

With God, you either leave your old life behind or he can’t work with you. The Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) is a jealous Spirit. God does not want to share us with anyone else. Just like I’m sure that you who are married don’t want to share your spouse with someone else. The same goes for God. Do you think God wants to give you his Spirit if you are going to be sharing your life with other spirits? With lies, stealing, cheating, deceiving, etc. 

When there is a sincere surrender, one day is sufficient for the Holy Spirit to start a complete transformation in one’s life. God does not need time, what God needs is a sincere surrender. Maybe since you have been born you have been surrounded by addictions, prostitution, people with filthy mouths, street life, anger, resentment, and more. However, when you take the seed which represents your life and you plant it on the altar… you sacrifice it on the altar, the Lord takes your broken life and gives you a new life in exchange.

That’s why it is written:

Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a  grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone;  but if it dies, it produces much grain. John 12 :24

May the God of the Bible bless all of you!

Bishop Bira Fonseca