Have you ever seen an experiment with an ant inside of a circle? If not, let me tell you what happens. If you place an ant on a blank sheet of paper, then draw a circle around it with an ink pen, the ant will not go beyond the limit of the circle. The ant will think it is trapped inside of that circle. The interesting thing is that the ant could easily just walk right though it, but it doesn’t recognize that it has the ability to surpass that limit. 

Does this sound familiar? If not, it should. This is the case of many people. They have found themselves trapped by imaginary limits. When I say imaginary, it doesn’t mean that the problems don’t exist. Of course, they may be facing very real problems, but the imaginary limit is the fact that they can not see past the problem. They allow the problem to limit them, instead of pushing through and finding a way to overcome it. The Apostle Paul said it best when he said; 

You are not limited by us, but you are limited by your own affections. 

2 Corinthians 6:12” 

He is pointing out that no one is limited by those that are in faith, they are limited by their own feelings, thoughts, ideas, complexes, etc. My friend, you have no limitations, except for the ones that you allow to block you. Faith is the power to overcome all limits, and to breakthrough with success. So stop allowing yourself to be an ant in a circle, blocked by imaginary limits. Instead, see the reality of the greatness and power of our God. He will give you the victory that you thirst for, when you stop accepting the limits. 

May the God of the Bible Bless You 

Bishop Bira Fonseca