When a person suffers from depression and anxiety, they feel like another person is living inside of them. It feels like they are not living their own life at all. Instead they are on the outside just participating in the story. A person feels isolated, misunderstood, alone and discouraged. They do what they don’t want to do. They end up saying what they don’t want to say. They just react. This is a spirit of depression. 

Those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your truth. Isaiah 38:18 

This is what the Word of God says about depression. If you are down in the pit of depression how can you praise God? You may attend church every week. You may even have a position in the church. But if you are down in the pit, the truth is you feel hopeless. 

Let me tell you something. God wants to remove this depression. He wants to take away the bitterness of your soul. He doesn’t care if you deserve it or not, if you are black or white, gay or straight, old or young. He absolutely want’s to take you out of this suffering. 

But he needs you to make effort. He will never do for you what you need to do for yourself. You have decide to stand up and fight against the spirit of depression. If you decide to fight, He will back you up and change this mis-erable situation that you are in, once and for all. 

May the God of the Bible Bless You 

Bishop Bira Fonseca