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Power and Authority

If you were taken to court and sued for something that you didn’t do, would you accept the charges and accept the consequences? No, you would fight the lawsuit, right? Now, let’s go a step further… what if you were put in prison for a crime that you did not commit… would you just accept it? Of course not! No one would. Why? Because that would be unjust. But the funny thing is, most Christians accept the same thing to happen to themselves spiritually all the time.  I know that many of you pray. You consider yourself a prayer...

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Want to eat the good of the land?

Everyone wants to have the life of abundance and prosperity. The best paying job or business, to live in a luxury house, to be promoted. Who doesn’t want to have and give the best to their family and children? To be healthy and strong, free from medications and treatments. People want the dream life. However, the same people do not obey the voice of God. For example, many are those who see the tithe as something created by man, by the church or an institution. They don’t see the tithe as something holy, as the first fruits to the...

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Offering of Justice

Offering of Justice: it is impossible for a person to want to live a life of justice, whilst being unjust. It’s impossible for a person to think they can live a just life while being unjust. It’s also impossible for the offering to be unjust and still bring just results to the persons life. The offering is the witness for or against the person. Why? Because the offering represents the life of the offerer. Everything we are and do shows what exists within us. There is no point in shouting in the time of prayer, clapping hands, stomping feet;...

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It’s time to Revolt!

How many times have you been outraged by an unfair situation? You left early in the morning to go to work and returned home unemployed; You lay down to sleep feeling well and woke up sick, not knowing why? The relationship was fine, admirable, but after some time, this beloved person decided to leave you. The company was thriving, it lacked nothing, but now you’re about to go bankrupt. Situations like these have been common in your life for a long time and what have you done about it? Is it fair for you to live like this? It...

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