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Your problem is not what you think it is

Your problem is not what you see, it’s what you cannot see. What do you see when you open the drawer? A lot of unpaid bills. What about when you open the fridge? You see an empty fridge. You see the closet full of old clothes. You see a drunk husband, a nervous and frustrated wife, rebellious children. You see problems, problems, and more problems. And what you hear is the same… more bad news, setbacks, troubles. But all these things are not the problem. The problem is what is hidden. His roots are dried out below, and his...

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Everything in life has a before and after. Your parents had a life before you were born, and after you were born their lives changed. You that are married had a life before marriage and a new life after marriage. You that opened a business had a life before the business and one after.  But the same also applies in the negative. Many had a life before cancer and after. A life before divorce and one after. A life before they got shot and one after. A life before they lost their child and after.  Unfortunately, most peoples “before...

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The good of the land

 Let me ask you a frank question right now… Do you keep money? Are you able to save? When’s the last time you were able to go out and do something nice for yourself? I’m sure I know the answers to all of these questions. But why? You probably say, “money comes, and money goes”. There is something strange going on in your finances.  There is a chain locked around your finances and your life in general. Even though you are full of skills and abilities, this chain that is blocking you seems to be tying up your life....

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Faith and Doubt

Remember the days when you were young… how your parents made you promises that were so big and so amazing that although you wanted to believe them so bad… deep inside of you, you doubted that it would happen or that they would do it. Especially if you had been let down before. It’s even possible that instead of making you happy, the promise even made you feel low, because it was discouraging to know that it most likely would not happen.  That’s how faith and doubt works as well. Faith brings your life up, doubt puts you down....

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Sunday Service

Stop Suffering TV Live Stream

Showdown of faith

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