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All means All

I have never seen someone become great at anything without putting all into it. A doctor is only going to be as good as the effort that he puts into learning the latest techniques and treatments. An athlete is only going to be as good as the effort he puts into training. A lawyer is only going to be as good as the effort he puts into knowing and understanding the law… and so forth and so on.  This rule of all for all also applies to our spiritual lives. Your faith is only going to be as strong...

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What He has for you

I’ve heard cases when a parent has prepared something very special for a child, but kept it a secret for a while. It’s like a surprise birthday party or a surprise trip planned by a loving husband… When a person wants to surprise someone, they don’t tell them what they are planning.  God does not hide things from us, but He also does not tell us everything He is planning for us at the same time. He reveals things little by little. At the right time.  God has something great in store for you. At the moment it has...

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He doesn’t care about me

One day I was speaking to someone in prison and the person said, “I went to court one day and I was about to get sentenced and I asked God to help me, but He didn’t. I still got the sentence. God doesn’t care about me.”  I had to be honest with her, and tell her that the problem is not that God has forgotten her, but the fact that she only remembered Him when she was before the judge.  Maybe you always say that God doesn’t watch over you, He doesn’t care or He doesn’t consider you. But...

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Wait Patiently

If you promise a child that you will take them to get ice cream, they will immediately become excited and will not let you breath until you take them to get it. If you take long, they will become extremely impatient and cry and complain until they get what you promised them.  That’s normal for children, because they are not mature. But you’d expect a mature adult to wait patiently. When God makes us a promise, or when you make a request to God, you must learn to wait patiently.  King David said,  I waited patiently for the Lord; And He...

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