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See the devil, not the person

Maybe this has happened to you, you see a family member acting “crazy”, acting wild and angry or out of their mind. Or maybe there is that family member that is always mean and nasty to you. They treat you like someone off the streets. There is that family member that every time you try to help them, they just attack you. It’s hard to deal with the difficult ones. But if you look at them as the problem, then you will never be able to deal with them with understanding. But when you realize that there is an...

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Who keeps you?

If you have children then you will clearly understand what I am about to say. When a child is hungry or tired or needs the diaper changed, what does the child do? The child cries or if they can talk, they go to the parent and ask for what they want or need. Anything a child needs, he expects the parent to provide. The child will always go to the parent first with their requests because it is the parents job to supply their needs. That is how we should treat God. He is our source and provider and...

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If someone told you that they had a million dollars in a suitcase at the top of a high mountain, and all you had to do was get to it and it would be yours, what would you do? If you thought they were a trustworthy person, someone you could believe, I have no doubt you would go after it determined to not let the life changing opportunity pass by. Most people would go after it without a second thought. But it’s interesting that the same people don’t trust God enough to believe Him when He makes a promise....

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Your Beginning of Months

We are still at the beginning of the month of December, and according to the calendar, it is the last month of the year. But if you can believe, it doesn’t have to be your last month.  There are many things that get better with time instead of worst. For example, fine wines, many kinds of cheese, and even some types of meat are dried and aged for flavor. That’s just to name a few. But the point is, there is no rule that says because time is passing your life has to get worst or stay the same....

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