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It’s time to stop pretending

There are many that live their life and walk around everyday smiling at everyone, greeting everyone and even being the “life of the party” as they say. Yet inside they are miserable and depressed. You may ask, but how can someone walk around smiling and be depressed or sad on the inside? It’s because they are faking happiness. They are pretending.  The Lord Jesus had times when He could have tried to pretend in order to please the crowd or the Pharisees, but He refused to. He was true to Himself and was truly happen because of the Spirit...

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Imaginary Limits

 Have you ever seen an experiment with an ant inside of a circle? If not, let me tell you what happens. If you place an ant on a blank sheet of paper, then draw a circle around it with an ink pen, the ant will not go beyond the limit of the circle. The ant will think it is trapped inside of that circle. The interesting thing is that the ant could easily just walk right though it, but it doesn’t recognize that it has the ability to surpass that limit.  Does this sound familiar? If not, it should....

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Do you feel like someone else inside?

 When a person suffers from depression and anxiety, they feel like another person is living inside of them. It feels like they are not living their own life at all. Instead they are on the outside just participating in the story. A person feels isolated, misunderstood, alone and discouraged. They do what they don’t want to do. They end up saying what they don’t want to say. They just react. This is a spirit of depression.  Those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your truth. Isaiah 38:18  This is what the Word of God says about...

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Is every day alike?

 Maybe you have had a phase in your life when everything had become so mundane and routine, that it feels like there is nothing different to look forward to. You get up and go to work to do the same job, you eat the same lunch, you even have the same arguments with your spouse each day. It gets to the point that you feel like every day is a repeat of the day before.  Many times this happens due to problems. A person has been facing a problem so long and seeing no solution, that it has gotten...

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Why are you limited?

In life there are many things that we can not do. The human being has many limitations. For example, man can not fly on his own. We can not breath under water. We can not jump off a cliff and live. We can not survive  extremely low or extremely high temperatures, etc. We can’t, we can’t, we can’t…  And yet the funny thing is, ALL of the things I just mentioned, the human being has found a way to do. We created airplanes to fly, scuba gear to breathe under water, parachutes to jump off of cliffs, jackets to...

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