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Why do you care?

When you are kind to someone or do something nice for someone that you don’t know well or that has never done anything nice for you before, most likely they will be surprised. They’ll be surprised because we live in a world full of selfish people that only care about what is good for themselves. So to see someone care and invest in another is surprising.  But that should not be surprising because that is the way the people of God are supposed to be. It’s written,  Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and...

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God sees the best in you

If you want to break a child’s spirit, all you have to do is simply tell that child that you don’t believe in him, or that he’s worthless and will never amount to anything. Those words have the power to change the direction of a child’s life. Even when he tries to forget, he will always remember the one that didn’t believe in him.  Now let me tell you something. Maybe the entire world does not believe in you. Maybe everyone called you a loser or a trouble maker and said that you don’t even deserve to be happy....

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Don’t go back to the mud

If you’ve ever done a detox then you will clearly understand what I’m about to say to you. Why do people detox? A person does a detox to remove impurities from their body so that they can feel and be more healthy, have more energy and be all around better off. But once the detox is over, what do most people do? They go back to eating the same way that they always did. And sooner than later, they feel the same way they did before the detox.  You can not do a detox and return to the same...

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The waiting room

If you get a call from your child’s school teacher saying that your child is misbehaving or that he is failing badly in school, would you feel proud? Would you feel excited? Would that make you feel like you are doing a good job as a parent? No, it would not. Because you know that you did not raise him that way, nor did you create a child for him to fail in life.  In the same way, God has no pleasure in seeing his children fail. And that’s why He created the church.  The church is the waiting...

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Sunday Service

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Showdown of faith

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