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When two or three are gathered

There are problems that come against you that make you feel weak and overwhelmed. When you see the disease eating away at your body and feel that there is no way that you can overcome it. When you see your husband out at the bar overnight and you feel like your marriage is doomed. Maybe your finances are so down that you can not even imagine yourself truly happy. It is tough. Really tough. And perhaps you don’t have the strength in you to fight on your own.  First of all, you have faith inside of you. You just...

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Faith, not emotion

If you go to a restaurant and learn the menu from cover to cover, but never eat the food, will it help you? Even if you see all the pictures and ask the ingredients used for each dish, will you ever be able to say you know how the food taste? No. Can you even give a real opinion about the restaurant itself? No. The fact that you never tasted the food disqualifies you from being able to comment on that restaurant.  Recently I received two emails… one was a gentleman that said, “Bishop, I heard you say on...

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Eyes of Faith

 There are serious cases in this world that we look at and consider impossible to be solved or overcome. For example, when a person goes to the doctor and they are told that they have stage four cancer… normally people think that there is no way to come back from it. Another example is when a person receives a foreclosure notice on the door, many people will feel doomed, like there is no way out. If you have a family member that has been addicted for a long time and seems to be diving deeper and deeper into addiction,...

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You must say never again

Sometimes when a person has been betrayed or disappointed really bad by someone or something, the person will say, “ Never again, will I trust him”, or “Never again will I go to that place”. When you make a statement and say that you will not do something or will not accept something ever again, you have to have already been truly fed up with it. But that is the action that it takes to change your situation. It takes an attitude that says, “No way, never again will I accept this in my life”.  When the Lord Jesus...

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Showdown of faith

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