I want you to look at this verse and think about it for a moment.

“…Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith..” James 2:5

The ones who God chooses are the poor, broken, weak, sick, etc. to transform their life and show His power to the world. He does not choose those who are rich, because the rich don’t think they need help. The rich, if they have any problem they simply reach into their pockets. They think that their riches alone can solve their problems.

But the poor recognize that they need help. They seek God with all of their strength because they have nothing else to hold onto. And that thirst for a better life… that desperation for an answer, leads them to take actions of courage that provoke a response from God.

So don’t worry about your financial status. Don’t worry about how old or young you are, don’t worry about your race or education level, don’t worry about any limitation that you have. You might not have the life that you want, but if you have faith, then through this faith you can become the richest, happiest, healthiest person in this world.

May the God of the Bible Bless.

You Bishop Bira Fonseca